Design and daily life.

I used to see design everywhere, from choosing my clothes everyday to go out to videos related to UX/UI, game development, web design.

Design make part of my life since, when I was in my 18s, I’ve tried to be accepted in the architecture program in one of the most well-known colleges in my country.

Well, after failing I needed to chose other course that would give me money and I got IT.

Since the beginning of my course I understood that the design part of the IT was the most attractive thing to me and now, years later I left behind a life in a company and started my life again, but know it started in the right way.

I used to love drawing. Spent hours and hours doing that just to my own pleasure, but I grew up and needed to do money. The adulthood messed everything up.

Now I’m learning about things I’ve always paid attention to, but never thought that had so much information behind, like colour theory and UX/UI.

Now, finally I can call my self as a designer and I’m almost daily developing projects with concepts of art, drawing, painting and every audio-visual production that I’m passionate do.

Catch you guys on the next one.