Web Developmet: Did I get it?

Hey, here we go again and today let’s talk about my little experience as a web developer.

I’ve created this e-portfolio. It took long time and it was really hard to do, but in the end of the day the experience was really rewarding.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes trying to figure out how to do the effects and everything that’s going on over here, and the deeper I dived the more happiness I got, because I was able to do so much things that in the beginning I thought I wouldn’t be about to do.

Mixing bootstrap with CSS was really confusing to me, because I’ve always tried to find logic behind the language (as I do in C#), but I couldn’t.

Among searches, some self-teaching, frustration, things not working as expected, I made it and I’m really proud of myself.

Surpassing the obstacles and keep doing is tough, I know. But, if even you don’t reach the level, you perfection in your deliverable, it worth it.

I learnt so much things that I can, in long term, behold myself developing amazing websites like the ones I see in a really good YouTube channel called Developer Philip, where he analyses e-portfolios in a series of videos and all of them are simply awesome. (As a recommendation, this channel is really good and worth the watching).

Now I’m able to say that I can do things I didn’t expected myself doing.

Catch you guys on the next one.