get to know me a little better

I'm Ewerton (aka Ton), a student of Interactive Media Development passionate about God, my family, design, games, and music.

As a keyboard player I like to listen to music and enjoy the different aspects and styles of music. From classical and choir styles to jazz, blues, gospel and other popular varieties.

I started studying classical piano when I was a child and did it for a couple of years. However, after a while my mind changed and the popular side caught my attention, admiration and passion.

As a musician -or an artist- the designing has always been an important part of my life and directly influences my life-style and the way I see the world around me. The colourful beauty of nature and the way everything non-human-created was perfectly designed, sometimes as a wild survival approach and sometimes just as an evolving step, make me think how impressive and amazing the Creator is.

Gaming is my spare-time consumer, as a player and also a viewer. The way some games are developed, with so much attention to details and perfectionism, creating entire new worlds from scratch describes how imaginative and superbly brilliant our mind can be, and how high-level we can reach in terms of digital reality and storytelling.

The most important part of me is that I crave for God above everything and love my family unconditionally. Without them I wouldn't be what I am and certainly wouldn't be where I am. Because of them and for them I wake up every single morning and work hard to evolve and be the best person, servant, husband, father, son, brother and friend I can be.

For the future I'm looking forward to working in the IT design industry, acting in projects related to UX/UI, game and assets development, and level design, as well as in audio-visual production.

It's a pleasure to meet you.