What have I done?

3D Modelling - Maya

I started doing 3D modelling in Maya at college, and it is my favourite subject and what I want to do for a living. The process of 3D modelling is challenging because it depends on the perspective notion starting from 2D images, which always have some distortion. Creating from scratch, using as many references as possible, organizing the different parts of the model in layers, and applying and customizing materials. All these steps are worth every single minute taken.

Mr. Creamy

Mr. Creamy is a character created firstly on the Procreate application using some drawing techniques such as shading, colour theory (complementary colours), and, posteriorly it was vectorized on the Illustrator and a little-cartoony story about Mr. Creamy was created. CLICK HERE to see the story (use the keyboard arrows to navigate).

TON no tom

Following my passion for playing the piano I've created the YouTube channel "TON no tom", where I've uploaded some videos from me playing, most commonly Cristian songs, and explaining some changings or reharmonizations I’ve made. This channel required from me to learn concepts of video production, storytelling, cutscenes, content and script creation, as well as the usage of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Vancouver Island Beaches

The creation process consisted at first in understanding the target audience and their needs. Posteriorly it required several searches for beaches in Vancouver Island with characteristics the users will be interested in. Finally, the design part of the application was done by using techniques of UX/UI and the Wix application.

Pippin Orchards' App

The creation process consisted at first in understanding the product and its characteristics, and the potential audience and their needs. Particularly in this project was required a first version in grey-scale in order to present a functional version to the client. After the clients' approval the final styled version and the logo were developed. The UX/UI techniques were used as well as the Adobe XD and Illustrator applications.